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School of Computing, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417

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CS1231 Discrete Structures

Semester 1, AY2017-18

This is a mandatory module for Computer Science, covering basic discrete mathematical topics such as logic, graph theory, sets, functions and relations, combinatorics and probability, proof techniques.

CS5332 Biometric Authentication

Semester 2, AY2017-18

This is a new graduate module about authentication using biometrics. Aimed at senior undergraduates and Master's students, this module will cover: authentication methods; types of biometrics; pattern recognition; standards, user-acceptance, privacy concerns.

Super Speaking


A one-off talk offering tips for better technical presentations.

Power Papers 1


Part 1 of How to write technical papers.

Power Papers 2


Part 2 of How to write technical papers.


Course and Talks

Multi-view Separation of Background and Reflection by Coupled Low-rank Decomposition

CAIP, August 2017

Jian Li, Wee Kheng Leow, Terence Sim and Guodong Li

Separating background and reflection from multiple images using matrix decomposition.

(CAIP 2017 Best Paper Award!)

Robust Face Recognition with Deep Multi-view Representation Learning

ACM MM, October 2016

Jianshu Li, Jian Zhao, Fang Zhao, Hao Liu, Jing Li, Shengmei Shen, Jiashi Feng and Terence Sim.

Fusing deep learners for more robust face recognition.

Correlation Filter Cascade for Facial Landmark Localization

WACV, March 2016

Hamed Kiani and Terence Sim.

Using a 3-tiered filter cascade to quickly locate and refine facial landmarks.

Controllable Face Privacy

De-ident Workshop in FG, May 2015

Terence Sim and Li Zhang.

A nuanced method to selectively facial attributes (identity, gender, age, race).

Selected Publications

About Dr. Terence Sim

Explain. Demonstrate. Experiment. Inspire.

The above sums up my teaching and research philosophy. Over the years, I had the pleasure of teaching many courses - Introductory Programming, Computer Vision, Visual Effects, Multimedia - and interacting with many talented students. I'm currently teaching Discrete Structures, and Biometrics Authentication.
For research, I explore several areas related to Visual Computing: Facial image analysis, Multimodal biometrics, Facial rendering, Computational photography, Continuous authentication, Music transcription, to name a few. I combine machine learning with physics-based modeling and graphics rendering to tackle the challenges in research.
I also provide consultancy in biometrics.

Privacy vs Security

February 18, 2019

Asking for a Recommendation Letter

June 22, 2017

Information for Prospective Students

June 22, 2017

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